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PMR articles available in PDF format contain expert market analyses, forecasts and commentaries on construction market in Ukraine and other Central and Eastern European countries.

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18% of Ukraine’s road network to be renovated by 2018 November 2012

en The state of the Ukraine’s infrastructure is far behind that of European countries. The average housing space per inhabitant is about 23.7 m², which is less than 30 m² levels recorded in most European countries. In addition, 3.7 km of hard

Ukrainian road construction programme to accelerate after Euro 2012  October 2012

en Over recent years, construction output from Ukraine’s civil engineering sector has outpaced performances recorded by the residential and non-residential sectors, largely benefiting from multi-billion state-supported infrastructure projects as part

Cement production in Russia to reach record 61 million tonnes in 2012  September 2012

en The construction industry has been one of the major catalysts for economic growth in Russia over the past few years. This role is expected to intensify in the coming years, largely supported by multi-billion rouble investments by public authorities in construction

Healthcare facilities construction in Russia to grow by 2014  July 2012

en Most healthcare facilities in Russia were built in the Soviet era, and the notorious underinvestment since then has caused them to fall into disrepair. As of 2012 approximately 32% of hospitals and 30% of polyclinics require thorough modernisation. Many

Construction industry in Russia continues to grow  May 2012

en In the second half of 2011, activity on the Russian construction market finally picked up, with civil engineering work and residential construction as the main two drivers of growth. Despite the unfavourable and challenging global economic sentiment, the

Ukrainian construction industry finally sees growth  December 2011

en Between the peak recorded in 2007 and the trough of 2008-2010, the value of construction works carried out in Ukraine plunged by 70% in real terms. Residential construction was hardest hit by the crisis and, while the housing sector is yet to recover,

Russian construction industry recovery continues  May 2011

en The Russian construction industry recovered some semblance of stability in 2010 and gradually began to pick up again after the downturn. This upturn in fortune was achieved despite the tight budgetary situation, which eventually resulted in certain cuts,
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